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Fiber optic communications has become a major player in the telecommunications.


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Fiber Optic Cable
Specialized Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturer
fiber optic cable manufacturer
fiber optic cable manufacturer

Infini Fiber Optic Cable, Inc is Netherlands based fiber optic cable manufacturer and fiber optic cable supplier with factory in Shenzhen, China. We have over 10 years of experiences on production of fiber optic cable assemblies and fiber optic networking equipment. We have a name of our reliable products quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery.
Fiber Optic Cable Products
Fiber Optic Cable Products
Fiber Optic Cable Products

Get fiber optic patch cables optimized specifically for your application or take advantage of our fast delivery and quality products for wholesale business. Infini Fiber Optic Cable Inc provides reliable quality and wide selection fiber optic products  with our friendly customer service and very fast turnaround.
Fiber Optic Cables - Right for You
Get fiber optic cables optimized specifically for your application or industry. provides the best in customized fiber optic solutions while offering a wide selection of products, quality craftsmanship and fast turnaround.

Saudi Arabia Fiber Optic Supplier

Infini Fiber Optic Cable, Inc. (saudi arabia)
Factory Address: Block 5, Wangtang Industrial Park,Nanshan Area,
Saudi Arabia add: Riyadh