Cisco CWDM SFP 1570

cwdm sfp 1570

Cisco CWDM SFP 1570 is an orange color SFP used in fibre channel and Gigabit Ethernet; it works with single mode fiber for a max 120km distance. Using the small form factor connectors and in SFP package, this transceiver suit for density installations. We supply the Cisco CWDM 1570 equivalent transceivers that are 100% Cisco compatible and with very good prices.

Cisco CWDM SFP 1570 form 1.25Gbps full-duplex links with an optical link budget of 29 dB when used on Gigabit Ethernet or 1.06 and 2.12Gbps full-duplex links with an optical link budget of 28 dB when used on fibre channel. They can be used with various kinds of Cisco equipment that has the related SFP ports. We supply the CWDM SFP 1570 equivalent transceivers at very good prices and delivery is fast from stock.


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