Cisco SFP GE S

cisco sfp ge s

Cisco SFP GE S is a multimode fiber optic transceiver with digital optical monitoring function. This transceiver suit for both 50/125 and 62.5/125 multimode fiber, its max working span is 550 meters. We supply the Cisco SFP GE S equivalent transceivers that are good prices and 100% Cisco compatible.

Cisco SFP GE S is a Gigabit rate SFP and it is compliant to IEEE 1000base standards. They are not used or second hand but brand new 3rd party transceivers. We have them tested during production using original products from Cisco and other companies to make sure of the compatibility. Our SFP GE S transceivers are in ready stock for fast delivery, they are good choice cost effective products.


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